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Water Clean-Up Strategy

Water Clean-Up Strategy

Strategic planning goes into every water clean-up job to ensure an effective and efficient service.

Snow Melt on Residential Roof

Ice Dam

Snow melt from ice damming, looking for every point of entry. Water damage if snow isn't removed from roof.

Soot clean-up after a fire

Soot Clean-Up

Soot clean-up after a fire requires a detail cleaning of every square foot of surface area affected.

Poly bags used for Clean-Up


Clean-up during and after a project provides not only safety for our technicians and the customer, but shows the care we take and the value we place on your property.

Footies in use while cleaning carpets


The use of footies is one example of the care we take when performing services in your home or business. 

Containment for Safety


Containment is an important safety component of our service, ensuring that the dust, dirt, mold spores, soot and all other undesirable airborne elements get moved out of your home or facility, limiting contamination of other areas.

Contents Storage and Inventory

Contents Storage and Inventory

Proper packing, storage and inventory of your affected Contents.

Tech in PPE Gear

Safety First

Our technician donned in PPE gear for a severe oil puff back clean-up.

Carpet Cleaning Office

Carpet Cleaning

What your office carpet will look like after we clean with our Commercial Carpet Extractor.

Active Drying Equipment

Drying Equipment at Work

Drying equipment doing their jobs in a commercial office setting.

Moisture Meter Test

Moisture Meter Test

Monitoring the moisture content of the sheetrock during the drying process.

Mold on Plywood


Mold/Fungus on Plywood walls within a Cooler.

Floor Plan

Emergency Ready Plan

An Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) utilizing a Floor Plan.

Bus Bio-Hazard


Bio-Hazard clean-up & disinfectant for measles virus.

Fire House Bay

Post Construction Clean

Post Construction Clean of Fire House bay.

Commercial Kitchen

Deep Clean of Commercial Kitchen

Process involved while deep cleaning a commercial kitchen.

Water Extraction from Flooded Basement

This basement had a sump pump fail causing the water to back up into the home.  SERVPRO Derry Londonderry moves fast to help stop the damage and loss caused by water.  Our team is here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Equipment for ANY Size Job

SERVPRO Derry Londonderry is prepared for all jobs of any size!!  Call us with your minor water damage or multi unit property damage.  We are ready and eager to meet and exceed your expectations!

Mold in Residential Attic

This homeowner discovered significant mold after a home inspection.  Poor ventilation to the attic space went unnoticed for potentially years.  SERVPRO Derry Londonderry contained the area and safely removed all signs of mold.  An antimicrobial spray assured the homeowners the home was safe for their children and family business.

A Home Intentionally Damaged

When a property is damaged through vandalism or by squatters it can be devastating.  SERVPRO Derry Londonderry will be there to help you work through the loss.  Our professionally trained technicians will not only remove all signs of vandalism, but will also repair the damage.  We are here to help our neighbors!

Water Damage in Londonderry Residence

This family experienced serious water damage to their ceiling when a unit above them experienced a leak.  A significant amount of damage was done in a short time while the homeowner was away.  SERVPRO Derry Londonderry moved quickly to professionally assess the damage, start mitigation and the drying process so no additional loss was incurred.  Call us at 603-432-3221 as soon as possible to help avoid a larger loss!

Mold Discovered in Litchfield Home

Mold problems like in this Litchfield home can be mitigated with the right expertise and equipment. SERVPRO of Derry Londonderry has trained technicians that are able to remove mold growth and restore the space to preloss condition.  Mold spreads quickly, so a minor mold infestation can quickly escalate into a major problem.  A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost. Call us anytime 603-432-3221.

Fire Damage in Derry Home

The home owner went to bed and woke up to a fire in their kitchen caused by an electrical malfunction.  The fire department secured the area and SERVPRO Derry Londonderry was on site shortly after.  Trained technicians cleaned the home removing soot and smoke so it was "Like it never even happened."  We are here to help you and your family.