What our Customers say...


Matt was very professional.  Timing was great and has a positive attitude.  Top-notch customer service skill.  Boss was helpful as well.  Came by to check work status.

They went beyond expectations and I feel confident all potential issues were stopped in time - and completely !

Entire team (mgt, workers, etc.) were very competent and easy to work with.  Definitely the best part of home restoration process.  Thank you!

Great to work with you again!

Tremendous Job Highly Recommend !

Thanks for Showing up So Promptly!

Clearly not everyone can have a SERVPRO next door.  So convenient!

Very professional, they did a great job!

Thank you for the great service.  We appreciate all that was done, in this holiday season.

I can't say enough about Ame and Bob.  True professionals, very friendly and kind.

Very professional & responsive. TY

AAA+ for SERVPRO of Derry/Londonderry. We had a mold issue. Servopro came in and mediated the work with our Adjuster. Cleaned the mold in our attic and ceilings. Then Servopro sent in a construction crew and oversaw the project to rebuild and fix the ceilings until completion. Very Happy with how the owners of Servopro Derry/Londonderry handled our claim and rebuild! THANK YOU. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

-- Disabled War Veteran

Many thanks!  Just continue as you are ~ with efficient, dependable, enjoyable people, like Ame.

Walking into the condo and being able to breathe.  Seeing the home renovation complete and seeing it clean... very emotional to be back in my home.  I haven't been able to really make it "home" now that is again possible thanks to the caring dedicated staff - Ame and Josh, Kudos!!!

SERVPRO has been the ultimate in response and professionalism.  Bob is very courteous and eager to answer any questions.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Courteous

Team was EXCELLENT gave my wife and I peace of mind.  Thank you.

They say every black cloud has a silver lining and my big, black cloud was moved by the EXPERT work done by Josh and Jum Lyndes.

They were professional, knew  how to handle  my hurricane water invasion problem and they were kind, considerate and very supportive. Some  people are capable of doing good work (unfortunately many are not), but this team exhibited exceptional work skills as well as fantastic human skills.  They were just what I needed in dealing with this disaster,  All this being said, they drove all the way from New Hampshire to help those of us in Florida who were victims of Irma.  That takes a very special kind of person.  I know they are employed and that is their job, but that being said, they went above and beyond to reassure me, do excellent work  in a short amount of time and were a tremendous help to me in getting  all  this resolved.

Many thanks to them and their great team.  I didn't expect  to be so well satisfied...and I  was pleasantly surprised .

I am extremely pleased with the way everyone involved was empathetic and pleasurable during this time.  And how they went above and beyond their duties.

SERVPRO has been working with me, keeping in good contact, to get my house back together without interrupting my own schedule and life.

SERVPRO of Derry have been amazing and prompt trying to put back my house for my family.

SERVPRO were absolutely fantastic to work with. They were extremely professional and helpful along the way.

Your [SERVPRO] expertise and reliable execution of the various phases of reconstruction provided a tremendous relief and asset to us.